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A Quick Guide to Unicharm
(Chapter 3: Unicharm’s objectives)

Unicharm’s objectives

11th Medium-term Management Plan

Unicharm aims to achieve a prosperous, cohesive society where people all over the world can live in equality and comfort, their unique traits are respected, they support one another with kindness, and everyone’s hearts are as one. To this end, we formulated our 11th Medium-term Management Plan for the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023.

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Medium-term Management Plan to support sustained growth

In our 11th Medium-term Management Plan, we have established fve strategies that will lead to the realization of our SDGs, which embody Unicharm’s “Purpose.” When formulating our strategy, we came up with ideas for achieving our desirable future in 2030 by working backwards from our goal of earning the No. 1 market share in the world and becoming the non-woven fabric/absorbent material manufacturer that contributes the most globally.

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Unicharm Group’s Medium-term Financial Targets

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In terms of medium- to long-term fnancial targets, we have set a sales target of 1,400 billion yen for FY2030. For FY2023, we set a sales target of 888 billion yen, a core operating income margin of 15.5%, and a ROE of 15%. We will lay the foundation for sustainable growth by implementing our five strategies.

We believe that sales growth will be the key to sustainable growth for Unicharm products, and that this in turn will lead to greater contributions to our customers. A CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of +6.9% is required for us to reach our FY2023 sales target. We are aiming for a CAGR of about +9% overseas and about +4% in Japan.

With regard to proftability, we consider the period covered by the current medium-term management plan as one in which upfront investment in areas such as DX, ESG, new development, growing segments, and more will be proactively promoted, so we will maintain our proftability.

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