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Key Topics:Safeguarding the Well-being of Society

Our basic approach and strategy

Unicharm is constantly striving to improve customer safety, security and satisfaction through the products and services it provides. To that end, it is essential to share our philosophy with regard to safety and environment with our suppliers and build a cooperative relationship with them through close-knit collaboration via two-way communication. Throughout the value chain, we aim to solve social issues and, at the same time, contribute to sustainability.

For protecting biodiversity

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

We have established the “Basic Environmental Policy” and “Environmental Action Guidelines” and caused all of our employees to promote the “2 Eco” initiatives for “reducing the burden on the environment” and “economy” with an eye toward achieving a sustainable society. We also recognize that the products and services we provide are closely intertwined with the environmental issues, such as consumption of resources and waste generation, and understand the importance of protecting biodiversity. In our “Environmental Targets 2030” released in May 2020 *1, we set goals to promote “sustainable forest resource procurement” for the next 10 to 30 years.

Status of activities

【Thailand, Indonesia and Japan】Paper and pulp

We strive for sustainable procurement and production when utilizing forest resources. For example, for materials made from wood such as pulp and the water-absorbent paper used in disposable diapers and feminine napkins, we procure those materials from well-managed forests, such as forest-certified materials, and also investigate the place of origin for our materials. In 2020, we acquired CoC certification(Chain of Custody: management certification for the fabricating and distribution processes) from the international forest certification system PEFC *2 at our factories in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan and launched “BabyLove” brand in Australia with the PEFC logo mark on the package, first in Unicharm Group. BabyLove’s social media and website accounts explain the forest certification system and PEFC and state all pulp materials contained in “BabyLove” brand products are PEFC-certified and procured through a chain of CoC certification.

In addition, since 2019, we have been switching in turn the materials for product packages and cardboard boxes sold in Japan to FSC®-certified*3.

【Japan】Palm oil

In 2017, we joined RSPO(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and began collecting information and establishing traceability for sustainable procurement. In 2020, we expanded the use of RSPO-certified oil using the mass-balance system*4 and actual usage was 131.6 tons(85.9% of total). Going forward, we will continue our sustainable procurement activities while confirming both quality and procurement routes and fully transit to RSPO-certified oil for all the palm oil we purchase.

For building a sustainable value chain

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

In October 2017, we established the “Basic Policy of Procurement” to prevent human rights and labor problems throughout the supply chain. At the same time, the “Unicharm Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines” were established as a subdivision of “Basic Policy of Procurement” to express our intentions towards the prevention of child and forced labor, prohibition of discrimination, right to the freedom of association, right to the collective bargaining, reductions in excessive working hours, minimum wages, health and safety standards and prevention of corruption. These policy and guidelines were created for the purpose of fair and impartial business activities with all business partners that conduct business with the Unicharm Group around the world as well as the fulfillment of our social responsibility.

Status of activities【Japan】

Starting in 2019, we began using the Sedex* platform as a B member (supplier member) at 19 factories located in Japan, China, Taiwan-Greater China, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Saudi Arabia and have worked toward respecting the human rights of employees and improving the working environment.

In addition, with the goal of building a sustainable value chain based on the “Unicharm Group Policy on Human Rights” and “Sustainable Procurement Guidelines,” we joined Sedex as an AB member(buyer/ supplier member) on July 1, 2020 and began registering and operating the Sedex platform for facilities with production bases, etc.

Going forward, as an AB member, we will make further use of the Sedex platform and cooperate with our suppliers to expand our sustainable value chain even more.

For supplying safe products

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

We carry out all processes, from material procurement to product development, manufacturing, sales and disposal in accordance with the “Unicharm Management System Basic Regulations” so that the consumers can use our products that come into direct contact with their skin with peace of mind. For example, during the product development stage, a gate function is established by the Safety Assessment Committee, risk assessments are conducted while taking various usage conditions and disposal methods into account and Safety Assessment Confirmation Sheets are issued for products which safety was assured. In addition, we conduct actual-use test of products that use materials which have been confirmed to be safe.

Status of activities【Japan】

In December 2019, our “Natural Moony(Tape Type)” brand of baby diapers obtained “STANDARD100 by OEKOTEX®” certification. This certification offers proof of textile products that have been confirmed to have the highest level of safety in the world. This is the first time this certification has been obtained for disposable baby diapers in Japan*1.

STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX® is an international safety certification for textile products given only to products that clear strict standards after analysis and testing for more than 350 types of harmful substances by authorized testing institutes*2 that belong to the international consortium called OEKO-TEX®. To use the STANDARD 100 label, a product has to clear the testing criteria for all of materials and chemical solutions it is made from. In addition, since it complies with the standards for hazardous substances in the countries around the world primarily in Europe, it is widely regarded as “proof” that the labeled products offer the highest level of safety in the world.

In December 2020, we obtained “OEKO-TEX®Standard 100” certification for “Natural MoonyMan(Pant Type)” and “MoonyAirfit(Tape Type)” and are working to expand the safe and secure products across the entire Moony brand.

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